Tuesday, October 13, 2009

white moth nature rainbow

Song of TooDae

It's not the best quality via youtube, but if you wanna download the album
it's called gamelan into the mink super natural, believe it!

oh yeah the band is called the psychic paramount.

also on toodae's agenda, nature.

go out, and plant/buy/hug a tree.
(this excludes any uses of marijuana, thats cheating!)
nature is badass.

i have been watching these documentaries on SBS on charles darwin, and how
this work inspired and challenged (perhaps evolved) scientists all over the world
too focus on nature and its inexplicable ability to be in complete harmony and balance with itself.

Imagine being the motherfucker who discovered that.

"oh P.S industrial revolution we are changing the planet faster than the planet changes itself"

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