Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009


it's a hot day, i would like to go to the beach.
i suggest you also, go to the beach.
however i will not be attending said beach.
i have to go to work.
i could think of a million things to day i would rather be doing tho.
i have a costume to design, for halloween.
i have samples and music to make.
this blog needs better updating, thats for sure.

i can't decide to put a happy or depressing song
on here.



Friday, October 23, 2009

a big fuck you

i'm not leaving the house today
maybe for ciggs and fresh coffee.

i might cut my hair hey
just go crazy with it, i think you should do the same
unless your bald, that would suck.

anyway you probably want to here a song.
this band is funny, but serious. i find them
a little funny, its just a german accent.
when i hear the delay i always giggle.


stay home, read comics, make music smoke ciggs
just a big fuck you to the sunny beautiful day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


so it's sundae, and if your my age, (one hundred and twenty one)
you may find yourself looking for things to do with your friends
that doesn't always involve getting drunk or getting high.

And when i mean things to do, i mean things to do WHISLT
getting intoxicated.
so, i present the ageless, old...less? idea of

so yeah, get some friends together and do that!
drink some gin and tonic, some sum bud and enjoy.

oh and nothing sounds better than hi quality
hip hop when playing texas hold em' poker.

this is from the album mad villainy , MF DOOM and Madlib.

Friday, October 16, 2009


it's saturday.
you may have a hang over.
i do.
But wait! the sun is out, what to do?
ok let me help you with that.

this evening i suggest you do not sleep in your own bed
sleep on a couch. sleep in a gutter.
have fun with it.

also, if you get the chance, do some karaoke.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

facial fuck buttons.

lets face it, your uncool and your music taste is shit.
ok so maybe your only one of those things.

before you get on your arse kicking bandwagon wondering
how much the oxygen is that i pay for to keep me
so motherfucking high on a music pedestal.

i have a youtube song for you.
then, the album download.
yeah, you can download the whole fucking album.
yeah, I am that awesome, gutter swine, enjoy.

download ^^^

toodae's advice is simple, grow some facial hair,
i do not see enough. grow some, ok? good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

white moth nature rainbow

Song of TooDae

It's not the best quality via youtube, but if you wanna download the album
it's called gamelan into the mink super natural, believe it!

oh yeah the band is called the psychic paramount.

also on toodae's agenda, nature.

go out, and plant/buy/hug a tree.
(this excludes any uses of marijuana, thats cheating!)
nature is badass.

i have been watching these documentaries on SBS on charles darwin, and how
this work inspired and challenged (perhaps evolved) scientists all over the world
too focus on nature and its inexplicable ability to be in complete harmony and balance with itself.

Imagine being the motherfucker who discovered that.

"oh P.S industrial revolution we are changing the planet faster than the planet changes itself"